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In early January 2015, fires ripped through the Adelaide Hills.  More than 12,500 hectares (31,000 acres) of forest and grazing land were lost, including 35 hectares (86 acres) of vineyards.  The fire front stretched to a total perimeter of 224 kilometres.  The fires lasted for 8 days and destroyed 27 houses.

Kersbrook Equestrian Centre sits in a valley of 35 hectares, which were entirely burned on the first afternoon.  Fire took out 6 kilometres of fencing, paddocks, pastures and many of their trees.  The house and sheds were saved as were the animals.  After the fires came the task of the rebuild.

Kersbrook Equestrian Centre’s owners decided to re-construct with a wire free, environmentally friendly property set up for ease of management.  They have used WoodShield posts in conjunction with Stockguard and Bayco and are very happy with the result.

Slowly, as time permits, the fences go up, the trees regenerate and the grass grows back.  The riders come in, the seminars/clinics/workshops continue and the equestrian training goes on.  The fire has presented an opportunity to come back better than ever.

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