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I can guarantee horses will not chew this product. I have had Woodshield
posts for over 10 years in my paddocks and not one horse will chew on them,
yet any other timber post they are straight into chewing them!

Bev Blakley – Mornington Peninsula, VIC

These posts are fantastic! I wouldn’t use anything else now I’ve used the
Woodshield and they look great in my paddocks.

Michelle Gil Hawkesbury Animal Farm – East Kurrajong, NSW

To the doubters – we have these posts in some of our paddocks. We have a
windsucker that hasn’t touched them on one boundary of his paddock (only
done one fence line so far in his paddock). We also have termites in our
paddocks and the Woodshield posts have not been touched. We are very happy
with them and we will be ordering more to finish the paddocks.

Lisa Finn – Laidley, QLD

At TBV Equestrian we exclusively sell WoodShield jump poles and have done so
for the past six years.

WoodShield jump poles are a fantastic product, with options ranging from
lighter training poles through to competition size poles, there is something
suitable for all of our customers.

The 10 year “no rot” policy on the poles provides an added piece of mind for
our customers, with this warranty unmatched in this industry. We have sold
thousands of jump poles over the past five years and only had two single
poles returned during this time; this is proof of the quality of this

Ellis Turnbull – Owner, TBV Equestrian, Australia

Nothing but great results with the WoodShield Posts. They look great and they just last!
Gary Rodley,
Oyster Farmer – Tathra, NSW, Australia

Emmaville Performance Horses and ACT Show Jumping Club have acquired several bundles of WoodShield Show Jumping rails that have been used at our Show Jumping championships and also at training days. These rails are used a lot and due to their quality we have a lot less breakages, they are much easier to handle and always look fresh compared to normal rails. Having the tape on them saves the frequent painting that we normally have to do and is more cost effective and the gear is always in good order.
Grant & Heather Hughes,
ACT, Australia

Very easy to work with and they look great. They are fast to install. We push them in with our bobcat in less than a minute per post. We like them and will keep using them.
Michael Vosper,
Organic Dairy Farmer, New Zealand

The Woodshield posts have gone in the ground this year as our replacement posts. No problem putting them in and a very elegant look to the vineyard.
Michael Hart
Hart of the Barossa Vineyard, SA Australia

We put the Woodshield posts in the water for our oyster leases in 2008 and today they are as strong as the day they went in with no breakages. They are very effective in the sand sub-strait and do the job as an oyster post.
Carl Jaeschke,
Cowell Seafood Producers, Eyre peninsula, SA, Australia

We chose Woodshield posts for our fence, for our chook pen and for our deck frame for the following reasons (in order of importance)–
Not treated! – The biggest factor for the animals and children
Termite resistant – because the last thing we want in our house are termites!
No initial (or ongoing) staining or painting – black was the colour we wanted, so the posts were perfect
Sustainable – Lasts (durable) – doesn’t fade or crack etc and as easy to work with as any other timber product
Dwané Kenway, Canberra, Australia

After our fences were destroyed by the 2015 Samson Flat bushfires, we elected to re-build with WoodShield, combined with Stockguard tape in brown. The combination looks very good and it’s very safe for the horses. Ashley was very helpful and his after sales service is outstanding. We are happy with the look and ease of use, with the bonus that the product is environmentally friendly. Kersbrook Equestrian Centre will look better than ever once our WoodShield fences are complete.
Nicki Stuart,
Kersbrook Equestrian Centre, SA, Australia

McCormick Fencing is a family owned business that has worked in the Macedon shire for over 50 years. We recently installed the WoodShield posts on a lifestyle horse property in Gisbourne, VIC. The installation was very easy and we would recommend them to anyone. They look great and we would be happy to work with them more and more in the future.
Mick McCormick,
McCormick Fencing, VIC, Australia

These posts are easy and clean to work with. No chemical issues or health and safety problems, plus there are no splinters to worry about. Very simple to get a straight fence line with as they are all of a uniform size and shape. I used all normal nails/staples with success and best thing was, the customer loved them. No painting and little to no maintenance. Great product for horse properties.
JJ & ML Westley,
Fencing Contractors, SA, Australia

We recently purchased a property in Kurrajong, NSW which required all new fencing. We were keen to use fencing materials which would provide for horse and cattle friendly paddocks at an affordable price using Australian made materials. Also, we had recently purchased a young horse who at 6 months of age had cleared a 1.4m high fence with minimal effort so we were keen to install fencing at a height which would discourage him from any further attempts to jump out of his paddocks. We read about the Woodshield posts in a great local horse magazine (Hills & Hawkesbury Equestrian News), did some research and contacted Woodshield. We placed an initial order of Woodshield posts (2100m high to enable a finished fence height of 1500mm) and after a couple of days installing the posts and fencing ourselves, had a number of paddocks which have received positive comments from everyone who has visited our property! We are due to place another order and would like to take this opportunity to thank Woodshield for developing an environmentally friendly and affordable Australian made product.
Linda Smith,
Blue Mountains, NSW, Australia

I have been using the Woodshield post for about 6 years. They are a terrific product because the are extremely sturdy and the shield means there is absolutely no sign of deterioration after all the time they have been out in the salt water. An added bonus is the smooth surface makes it very easy to remove marine growth.
Hugh Wheeler
Wheelers Oysters, Merimbula, NSW

I’m so pleased with my new fencing using the WoodShield and Stockguard combination. I am confident that I have a very safe environment for my horses that not only looks great but will require virtually no maintenance! I’ve had many compliments from friends. Very happy with the service.
Pip Molnar,
Equine Property Owner, VIC, Australia

We are very pleased with the result of our new WoodShield horse fence. As we are setting up for Horse Rescue, I wanted to make sure the posts were strong. We may, at some stage get Stallions, and this is why I got 2.1m posts. We knocked the posts in 700mm, leaving 1.5m out of the ground and are not running electrics. The horses have been with us over a couple of months now and the posts are in perfect order. For anyone considering using WoodShield, please don’t hesitate. The product is easier to install than regular CCA treated posts or the Creosote posts, without the chemicals. The speed of service was also duly noted and appreciated. Thanks again WoodShield.
Wealsby Farm & Vineyard
Adelaide Hills, SA, Australia

We used the WoodShield hardwood rail to build a new oyster lease in Port Stephens. The lease is in a very exposed part of the bay and some other farmers actually told us that we would have trouble with tray racks not being strong enough as it is too rough and exposed. We were familiar with WoodShield rail as we have used it in other areas of the bay and never had a problem with its strength and durability. Not only that, it is also a pleasure to work with and that is why we had no hesitation in using it on our new lease. The lease had already gone through two of our windiest seasons over the last 12 months with no problems at all. Then we suffered a Class C storm, with winds in excess of 130kms per hour, for 36 hours straight. That is 3 tide cycles of the biggest storm event to ever hit the Port Stephens oyster industry. We have 4 racks there. Each one is 160 metres long, and they were fully stocked with oyster laden trays. The only damage done was a 15 metre long section on the outside rack. This was only because the posts pulled out of the sand and compromised the rail. Other than that we had zero damage and were truly amazed at just how strong the rails actually are. Thanks WoodShield.
Cole Brothers Oysters
Port Stephens, NSW, Australia

I happened to come across WoodShield poles while thinking about the daunting task of having to paint 15 standard pine poles. I needed a pole that could be light enough to move around all day and highly durable. WoodShield poles meet all my needs and more. They are super easy to move around, they are light & they are consistent in size and shape. The great thing is that they are so durable, even when a horse stands on them they just bounce right back into shape, where a standard pine pole would have broken. The bonus about these poles are that I don’t get splits, splinters, cracks and they are safe for horses. We now have 40 poles in our arena and counting. Thank you to all staff members, who are always there to support me as a customer. I am one of the converted – I use, recommend and have been spreading the word about WoodShield ever since.
Deb Pace
Equine Sports Management, VIC, Australia

I got the Woodshield posts because they have a long-life span and are virtually indestructible. I figure I will never have to replace a post and that saves me time and money.
Stuart Kennedy
Single Seed Oysters, NSW

The Woodshield posts and rail are easy to use, easy to work with and easy to put up. Completely horse safe and proven in cast horses with NO injury to the legs at all. They look very smart and were perfect for building yards outside our stables.
Adam Little
Property Manager Sunning Hill Park, NSW

Woodshield is an amazing product I use when building show jumping and cross country equipment as well as fences and arenas. Woodshield products are products of the future
Karl Steininger
Over The Top Yards & Jumping Equipment

Any new vineyard would be silly not to look at a sustainable post. Treated timber has a limited time frame as the laws are changing across the world. The Woodshield post covers all bases.
David Llewellyn
Priory Ridge Wines, St Helens, TAS, Australia

We are a large corporate vineyard and a 160 acre section of the vineyard is certified organic and we are not allowed to use new treated posts which prompted our investigation and subsequent trial of Woodshield posts. In parts of the block the ground was hard and required a pilot hole drill first for some areas but the posts went in really well. Out of 2,000 we broke about 15 which is not many in relation to how many it would have been with total timber posts the quality seems to get worse each year. Our contractor was very impressed with them and when you watch the knocking you can see the poly sheath flex and expand and absorb most of the shock of the process. No damage to the top plate on the post ever experienced – incredibly strong. The chap that has to go through and nail the wires to the post has no drama – certainly a little harder than total wooden post but no issues and a good hold. We have our post placement at 6m with height out of the ground at 1.8m (in ground 0.6m) and the vines are trellised 2 wire vertical in the patches we have used them in so far. A few days ago we went through with a two wire Spagnolo barrel pruner which walks around the posts pruning between the two cordon wires and there were no issues with this either. Judging by the way they have gone in we are really confident for the harvest process and the extra flexibility and strength. Contractors and staff struggle with change so I can understand them questioning the posts all I can suggest is to try some. Our contractor too had all the negative comments but has since changed his mind. So far my experience is positive and I intend to use them more in other areas of our vineyard.
Nick Bakkum
Viticulture & Grape Supply Manager – Angove Family Winemakers, Australia

WoodShield is a versatile product where any kind of attachments can be used of your choice to create your yards and paddocks. WoodShield is lightweight and easy to handle. No painting required as posts are already coated. If you are looking for a product that is affordable and also looks great, I certainly would recommend WoodShield.
Superstar Lodge, NSW, Australia

Jumping Queensland are very happy with the quality and the consistency of the jump rails and said “We would not understand why anybody would still be painting rails now the WoodShield jump rails are available”.
Riders and coaches at every level were all impressed with the performance of the WoodShield jump rails at Gatton World Cup event earlier this year.
David Manuel
Jumping Queensland

Having been involved in Showjumping for 45 years as a rider and course designer, I am very impressed with this product. I am currently transferring over to using these poles on my Showjumping Hiring Equipment as I have found them to be much easier to maintain and clean, completely weatherproof and have minimal breakages if any.
Gary Baxter
Baxter Floats, Baxter Showjumping Hire & Sales VIC, Australia – Life Member NVSJC, Committee Member YVSJC, Committee Member EV Showjumping.

We have used the Woodshield posts as replacement posts for our organically certified vineyard since 2009. They are excellent posts for replacement as they simply slot into the existing hole and are quick to install. They are lightweight and easy to handle for a time efficient replacement. We use the V trellis clips which are again easy to attach to the posts with standard fasteners.
Tony Barich
Whistling Kite Biodynamic Wines, Loxton, Sth Australia

What a fantastic product. We are really impressed with the Woodshield Jump Rails. They are safe weather resistant, and have a much stronger resistance to breakage. Perfect for training at home. We no longer have to worry about the longevity of our show jumping rails due to the harsh Australian climate. Rail, hail or shine we know our Woodshield rails will stand the test of time.
Paula Hamood
Glen Haven Park, Kilcoy, QLD Australia

I have used the post for my Oysters leases for over 2 years and they are a very good product in the mud.
Stefin Paschalidis
Pearly Oyster Bar, Batemans Bay, NSW, Australia

The WoodShield jump rails have moved things to another level and are state of the art being correct weight, diameter and length to comply with FEI (Federation Equestrian International) regulations. I am finding these rails maintain a fresh clean look and are exceptionally durable. Wonderful product WoodShield.
Heath Ryan
Ryans Equestrian Centre, Newcastle, NSW

As a contractor I have come across many different types of horse fencing. I would consider WoodShield posts with Stockguard fencing to be one of the most safest and easy to use products. Both WoodShield and Stockguard are easy to maintain, looks great as a combination and is an extremely safe fence. I would strongly recommend WoodShield and Stockguard to anyone considering new horse fencing.
Patrick Morrissey
Agriculture Contractor, Mornington Peninsula, Victoria

We have installed approximately 2km of WoodShield and Stockguard equine solution.  We are extremely happy with the safety and effectiveness it has provided in keeping young stock, mares and performance horses safely fenced in spelling and day paddocks.
Steve Stone
Teamstone, Canberra, ACT

When we purchased our new property it was a green field site for horses and we searched far and wide for the optimal fencing solution. We loved the look of dark post and rails timber but did not want the maintenance required with timber, or the fact the horses love chewing it. It also had to look great and be in keeping with the overall impressive design of the buildings and surrounding landscape. We selected a combination of WoodShield post and rails and stockguard fencing tape, where we wanted a softer curved line. We are delighted with the result. It looks fabulous, is easy to work with and safe for the horses. It is also reassuring to know that the product is proven to be both waterproof and fireproof. The pre and post sales service has also been fabulous. Ashley has always made himself available and gone out of his way to help us with the product and guide the installation.
Kate and Warren Joel
Sunningdale,Flinders VIC

When putting the posts in they’re bloody beautiful – no splinters and easy to handle – Carl Brown, Heathcote, VIC, Australia – 2008 installation
Carl Brown
Heathcote, VIC, Australia – 2008 installation

I have had nearly 45 years in the Marine Industry in NZ and Australia. Woodshield posts are the most cost effective option in the rebuilding of Aquaculture Farms. For a sustainable capital investment, safeguarding the marine environment from chemicals and toxin leaching I would certainly recommend any business to do due-diligence for the use of Woodshield products.
Clive Harwood
Oyster Grower in New Zealand & Australia

Woodshield is an exciting new product producing timber sealed in a hard plastic coating. I have been using the Woodshield rails as showjumping rails and have been very impressed with their durability, strength and resistance to the weather and also to the impact of horses hooves. I recommend this product as new, innovative, exciting and practical.
Heath Ryan
Newcastle Equestrian Centre

I have been adding them as replacement posts with great success in holding up our trellis Ag-beam. Everyone is the same size, same colour and a very tidy finish. Fantastically easy to use.
Terry Newlands
Kiwifruit Orchard Kati Kati, New Zealand

We run an organic vineyard just south of Auckland, New Zealand and were looking for a post to use for a fence around the vineyard. We wanted something that was totally sustainable and environmentally friendly.
We found the WoodShield post through an internet search and then met them at the Bragato wine conference.
With the post being certified organic through BioGro NZ it was a perfect match for us to control the sheep in the vineyard.
We placed an order and then had them shipped from Melbourne, Australia across to us without an issue.
The posts were very easily installed, look great and are performing well. We are very happy with the results and would have no hesitation in recommending them.
This is definitely a product for the future and an asset to any farm.
Wayne Allen
Turanga Creek Ltd

Woodshield Posts are the best thing for oyster farming.  You can put them in and know that they will still be in good shape for future use!
Ian & Rose Crisp
Manning Rock Oysters,  Taree, NSW, Australia

I switched to the WoodShield Post to put my mind to rest, knowing while I am in bed sleeping each night the wood borers are not dining out on my investment!
Mark Jarvis
Oysters Amalgamated, Cowell, SA, Australia

By splitting up the paddocks with the Woodshield posts, the rotational grazing has gone from 45 to 65 days. The majority is a single wire nailed directly onto the post with no insulator’s required. This is a great saving for our temporary permanent fences giving us a more flexible system. Less work, saving time and money while improving our rotational grazing methods.
Owen Billings
Dairy Farmer, Gippsland, VIC, Australia

We have just recently introduced the Woodshield product to the West Coast of the US and BC Canada.
The product has been well received with enthusiasm. Several inner tidal oyster growers are excited to convert to the Woodshield post system. I see good promise for this product in the future of shellfish cultivation.
Dave DeAndre,
Taylor Shellfish Aquaculture Products Manager, WA, USA

At Gold Coast Marine Aquaculture we have been trialing Woodshield’s 83mm x 2.4m long posts for two years. At this stage we are successfully using these with our smaller floatation venturi devices. The aeration unite is tied off between two of the posts. We wish to continue using these posts and do some more tests with the slightly larger 125mm posts in the future. After two years we have experienced very few issues and have found WoodShield to be proactive in standing by their product.
Brett Swann,
Assistant Hatchery Manager, Gold Coast Marine Aquaculture, Australia

We put 2.4m Woodshield posts in our new Cabernet block north of Clare in 2011. The contractor loved it. No creo smell or burn. He noted they also drove in very well. It costs us up to $30 to replace a post. Times that by just ten/ha per year it adds up very quickly. Much better off not having to replace any posts at all I say. Staples were easy to apply and won’t come out because of a split post. They are nice on the eye too. We have had heaps of good comments about the aesthetics of the new block. There’s not many things you can buy that will last a lifetime. Good one Woodshield.
John & Gayle Barry,
Mundawora Vineyard, Clare Valley, SA

I am the Event Manager of the Clare Valley Racing Club. My job is working with races and the horses.
My Husband and I are also on the committee for the Clare Show Jumping Club and we are very happy with using WoodShield posts as the rails for the jumps.
Brett my husband also uses them at home and the even weight of these rails makes it a lot easier for everyone to use. Our volunteers for the Clare Show Jumping preferred to pick these rails off the ground during the day than the typical permapine post that’s normally used, as they are quite often uneven or slightly bigger one end than the other.
I have even asked my husband to put some fencing up around home (post and rail) as I think they look great and I know they will last forever.
Thank you WoodShield for your great product and excellent service
Tanya Bertelsmeier
Secretary / Event Manager

Woodshield posts and rail are cost and time efficient, are turnkey and sustainable. I have used them for 7 or 8 years and could not be happier. I have seen other growers in the area use them also with great success.
No problems with the borer. No hassles with fluming – just straight out on the water.
Glenn Browne
Port Stephens Oyster Grower

They look great, are maintenance free and the horses can’t chew them. You have to be happy with that.” We have put in just under 5km so far. With another 2-3km to go.
Stephanie Gillespie, Kenzie Park
Riddle Creek, Vic

Ruby Hill Ltd chose to use Woodshield posts for our vineyard in Nelson New Zealand after comparing other products. We wanted to achieve an organic approach with a good-looking and durable product.
To date we have been impressed with Woodshield posts-they are strong, easy to handle and being uniform in shape provide easy installation to give an excellent result. The suppliers were great to deal with and took care of all delivery, shipping, in a very efficient and professional manner.
Brian Matheson
Manager, Ruby Hill, Nelson, NZ

I haven’t had any break yet and I must say we have certainly tested them.
Richard Hamlyn Harris
Hunter Valley Oysters, NSW

The manual handling gains from a lighter weight post with no splinters is a major benefit. Unlike non-timber posts, no special tools, clips or fasteners are required. The posts are robust and stand the rigors of machine harvesting
John Sowman
Babich Wines, Blenheim, NZ

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