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The Ultimate Timber Post in Viticulture

Fabulous Vineyard Presentation

Grape growers and the wine industry are specifically catered for with WoodShield timber Row End and Standard post sizes. The black uniformed finish of WoodShield posts provide for a stylish vineyards presentation.

Row End and Standard Posts

The production process coats a machined pine timber pole in a protective layer of plastic up to 6mm thick. This encases the post to a finished size of 83mm for a standard post and up to 124mm for row-end posts.

Caters for any Type of Fastener

Commercial vineyards and boutique wineries alike have great flexibility as WoodShield timber posts caters to all standard fencing fastener systems. The plastic provides a watertight seal against harsh weather and vermin.

The complete vineyard post, no onsite assembly
Think sustainable, think WOODSHIELD

Table Grape

Trellis arms can be installed with standard fixings. Nut’s bolts and washers are used to ensure no timber is exposed

Yes – They Survived Fire

The Original Post – 2004

The idea for a post that avoided rotting at ground level was born in 2003 and the first prototypes were Woodshield “Cambio” posts installed in Heathcote Victoria back in 2004. “Cambio” refers to a pine post that has had the outer layer of bark removed leaving the post with a natural appearance

The complete vineyard post, no onsite assembly
Think sustainable, think WOODSHIELD

The Easiest End Assembly Install Yet

Installing the Woodshield system in a school vineyard.

Mechanical Harvester

The Premier Coated Timber Posts

WoodShield timber fencing posts and rails have equivalent strength and rigidity combined with the protective properties, toughness and lifespan of polyethylene.

As long as there has been viticulture, the preservation of timber vineyard posts has been a major issue. Recently various traditional timber preservation products such as CCA treated timber have been identified as potentially harmful to the environment and in some countries has been banned or phased out. WoodShield provides an environmentally friendly timber post that is non-toxic with no leaching of chemicals and no ‘end of life’ disposal concerns.

Wood-Shield posts have been in the ground in Vineyards for more than seven years and the feed-back received from both growers and contractors has been very positive. The Fosters Group have successfully utilised 12,000 posts for a 30ha installation in the Barossa Valley.

Even throughout the recent drought, contractors were able to install Wood-Shield posts into extremely hard, rocky ground using a standard hydraulic ‘whacker’. The Wood-Shield post can be handled in exactly the same manner as a standard timber post and if extreme conditions are encountered, then as with a standard post, pre-drilling is recommended.

Wood-Shield offers a product that is the complete vineyard post without the requirement of onsite assembly and they are easy to handle, pack, transport and install. WoodShield posts are a cost effective non-chemical option and many property owners have had WoodShield posts in the ground for up to five years. They are also ideal for organic growers and eco applications.

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