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The Ultimate Protection for Timber Posts, Chemical Free!

The Premier Coated Timber Posts

The Premier Coated Timber Posts

WoodShield fencing posts and rails are perfectly suited to any agricultural application having been specially created for use in the Viticulture, Aquaculture, Equine and general farming industries.

WoodShield timber fencing posts have equivalent strength and rigidity combined with the protective properties, toughness and lifespan of polyethylene.

The coated timber posts are a strong, safe, chemical free fence post and are virtually maintenance free.

Sealed to Climatic Conditions

Sealed to Climatic Conditions

The WoodShield protection system completely seals the Timber Posts and Rails which protect the wood from the harshest climatic conditions and all types of vermin.

With UV protected polyethylene which is completely inert the plastic coated post provides superior performer in extreme climates.

No sagging from heat or brittleness from cold, WoodShield posts will perform on your farm or ranch for decades.

Protection and Lifespan of Plastic

Protection and Lifespan of Plastic

The WoodShield timber posts are extremely low maintenance making them the most cost effective and practical fencing post and rail system on the market today.

Uniquely, they are available in black or white colour options making them aesthetically pleasing and will never require painting.

Ideal for commercial farming or the hobby farmer as WoodShield posts can cater to all standard fence fastening systems.

Protection and Lifespan of Plastic

A Product from the Circular Economy

The circular economy begins and ends with the customer. Consumers need to demand recycled content. Be part of the solution and use recycled plastic products

Yes They Are Waterproof

The Premier Coated Timber Posts

Unique Production Process

WoodShield timber posts features a simple yet revolutionary protection system completely free of chemicals. The production process coats a machined pine timber pole in a protective layer of plastic up to 6mm thick, encasing the post to a finished size of 83mm, standard post or 124mm for row-end posts. Rectangle fencing rails are produced in the same way.

The process creates a strong adhesive bond between the timber and plastic sheath leaving no exposed timber and completely sealing the post. The post ends are protected with very thick end caps which enable them to be hydraulically “whacked” into the ground exactly as a standard timber post would.

No Rot / No Rust / Chemical-Free
Long Lasting & Weather Resistant

Go Chemical Free – No More CCA Chemicals

WoodShield has addressed the many issues of chemically treated posts; splitting, chemical leaching, rotting and breaking at ground level to name a few. WoodShield offers a chemical free long life timber post with little to no degradation over time, a real alternative to CCA posts.

In addition treated posts gradually deteriorate, are hazardous to personnel and can leach chemicals into your soil or water. The disposal of damaged CCA posts is a major issue for agricultural industries and now adds to the unit cost of a post. The use of mechanical harvesting equipment has raised the breakage rate of posts which is also adding to this disposal problem.

Find Out For yourself

It’s as simple as giving us a call to discuss how WoodShield products will work for you. WoodShield posts are a cost effective non-chemical option and many property owners have had WoodShield posts in the ground for up to five years. They are also ideal for organic growers and eco applications.

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